London girl living the Sussex life.

Artist, hot mess and general whirlwind, attempting to live out my passion and just generally juggle life, with a penchant for neon and polka dots.

Working out of a home studio in Sussex and Ochre print Studio in Surrey.

Screenprinting, drawing, and found image are the main elements I use to create my work. I enjoy drawing out the initial idea, and am still waging war with adobe to doctor and edit my work to get the desired effect. I remember swearing blind i would never use adobe at college, that everything would always be by hand… I’m sorry Mr Miguez.. you were right!!!

I have always had an interest in history, be that my own, or someone else’s. Forgotten faces, old stories, drawings, photographs and letters, whispers of the past tend to be my main source of inspiration.

I find myself drawn to Victorian anatomical illustrations, in fact most or even all Victoriana captures my imagination completely. Passages of text, even poetry, John Donne, Walt Whitman and Sylvia Plath, 3 of my favourites. From the majestic to the macabre. I enjoy the melancholy of the images I create and use, set against the light hearted polka dots and super bright neons. Even the most dark and sombre of subjects, can be given the chance of a happier and brighter life.

Using super bright neons in contrast to the harsh black and the sometimes dark imagery has just become my bag. Because  am the most indecisive person on the planet I use all of the colours, In a unique blend of neon lusciousness. I try to contain the colour, most of the time to a geometric shape. I like to use the rigid lines of geometric shape to hold the swirls and curves of the eye poppingly bright ink, in a gloriously subtle juxtaposition of line and curve. Colour in my work always plays a supporting role to the main player, the image.  

Each screenprint is the same in theory, but a blend of inks means that each individual print is ever so slightly different, no two prints are ever the same, thanks to the journey the ink takes with every pull of the squeegee. Each print in an edition is a journey in colour, this satisfies my indecisive nature.

Im looking forward to what is coming, more oddities, more spots, more neon… more Montez.